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         Days and Culture of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional engaged in the smart distribution system R & D and manufacturing automation equipment suppliers, long-term to provide users with advanced technology and quality service. To accurate, reliable, energy saving,

        Intelligent distribution of environmental protection products to meet power system needs of all places.
        Our main products include: power monitoring instruments, power transducer, thermal smart meters, smart meters temperature, isolation modules, pressure transmitter, switching power supply, current transformers and other products. Which

        Power monitoring instruments have harmonic analyzer, H series economic type harmonic form, Z Series Network Power Meter, E Series Multifunction Power Meter, S series of digital monitoring and control table, K series programmable intelligent sounding table, D Department of

        Digital transmission out smart table, X Series Digital Electrical Measurement Tables, L series digital display electric measurement table, embedded products such as the installation of meters. Thermal instruments are single-loop digital / Bargraph display control device, dual-loop digital / Bargraph display

        Control device, multi-channel inspection controller, PID self-tuning / Bargraph display control device, hand exercises, and Flow Totalizer control device, isolated power distribution modules, flash alarm, such as paperless recorder



        Products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power, construction, municipal, environmental protection, national defense, water and other industries, some products have been exported, together with complete sets of equipment, resulting in a greater social impact and economic benefits,

        Individual products has also been indirectly applied to the ABB project, the Russian plant-hee Rose, France Telecom, the Olympic Games and other major engineering projects. Company existing staff college which accounted for 70% of scientific and technological personnel. Company

        With specialized technical research and development center, with a young team of product development. Equipped with advanced test equipment, the development of the system software, security and reliability of communication protocol specification to run the test. And National

        Single-chip part of a well-known within the University Center for the research component of the Commonwealth. Company main products are detected through the national institutions of the type of test, and acquired the certificate. Company has passed ISO9001 quality management body

        University, has consistently adhered to "quality to survive, and development of technology to manage the effectiveness of" business principles, adhere to the "all for customer service" business purposes, and social friends from all walks of life to cooperate in good faith in order to power

        Power meters, thermal meters, based on the progressive development of intelligent power distribution products for the high-tech enterprises as the mainstay.

        Days of Electronic Science and Technology, Culture and Sport, the world sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to the Secretary for business!